Best Tips How To Avoid Sunburn On Vacation In Spain

Best Tips How To Avoid Sunburn On Vacation In Spain

Have you ever considered how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain?

It will most likely be HOT if you travel to Spain in the high season (from May to September). But don’t worry. At least to me hot in Spain is a lot different than what it is back home. I believe it is the sea that makes you feel a lot more comfortable (though it is still very HOT).

Therefore, it’s worthwhile to consider in advance how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain and make everyone feel more comfortable in the heat.

Table of content

  1. What precautions can you do before your vacation?
    1. Sun protection lotions
    2. Quality sunglasses for everyone
    3. Sun hats
    4. UV protected bathing suites for children
    5. After sun lotion
    6. Comfortable light colour clothing
    7. Water bottles and snack boxes
    8. Checklist for packing
  2. How to plan your activities in order to avoid sunburn
    1. Checklist for daily routines on vacation
  3. Conclusion how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain
  4. Learn 5 easy words of Spanish
  5. Did you know this funny fact?

1. What precautions can you do before your vacation?

What should you pack to take along in order to prevent sunburn?

After many years of spending our vacations in Spain, I always pack few things to go. Until now, I have successful in figuring out how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain. 👍 I have found these following things useful whenever we go on vacation.

So, before you start packing for the family vacation, take a look & consider the following.

UK National Health Service has studied sunburn on women, and their research shows that 5 serious sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer by 80%. Therefore, you should be careful on your holiday.

By the way, if you’re interested to read more about facts related to sunburn, check out this UK Cancer Research site How the sun and UV cause cancer.

Sun protection lotions to prevent sunburn

I have tried so many of them. Several brands, cream and spray. But the easiest to apply for us is the spray. And I ALWAYS buy the UV 50 sprays.

And no, it does NOT prevent you from having a beautiful tan after your vacation. Hence, it keeps you and your children’s skin protected a little longer.

What is the best sun protection lotion?

My top 3 favourite sun protection lotions to avoid sunburn are:

  • Daylong kids SPF 50 lotion
  • Dermasol Spray Bimbi 50+
  • BE3 Progressive Sun Protection Spray Water Sport SPF 20/40/60 Waterproof

Which SPF is the best?

I believe the best SPF is the biggest possible. We use mostly SPF 50 or SPF 60 when we are on vacation in Spain.

The BE3 Progressive AND waterproof spray (click to find it on Amazon) is my ultimate favourite. When you apply it 3 times, you’ll get an SPF 60 protection.

In addition, when I have children who literally live in the pool, the waterproof is a must feature in our family.

How to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain? Use UV protection clothing

Quality sunglasses for everyone

Why should you use sunglasses?

If you are careless, exposing your eyes too much to UV light, you’ll have a higher risk of eye diseases. And you should not think otherwise if the weather is cloudy (like 3 days a year in Spain). The sun rays pass through thin clouds as well.

What are the best sunglasses for children?

I have bought my daughters Julbo sunglasses when they were babies & toddlers. They have 100% UV protection, handy straps for babies and different sizes. They have been durable though my daughters could not always leave them in place, instead started ripping them off.

Wear a sun hat to avoid sunburn

I usually never wear hats, but due to the burning sun in Spain, I have few sun hats with a fairly big rim. For the girls I have bought UV protected clothing like t-shirts and hats, that are easy to wear (and they like them as well).

UV protected bathing suites for children

My kids literally live in the pool while we are on vacation in Spain. So, I have never trusted sun sprays to protect them enough from sunburns.

We have had several different kinds of UV protected bathing suites, and our teenager wears a UV-protected swimming shirt when we have pool-time. The water reflects the sunlight, and especially shoulders and the head is exposed to the heat a lot, and they get easily burnt.

Wearing UV protected clothing is an efficient way how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain.

How to avoid sunburn on vacationin Span? Tip: use UV protection swimsuits

After sun lotion

Do not forget to take care of your skin in the evening! One of my favourites is Aloe Vera. I keep it in the fridge. This works brilliantly on heat rashes, for cooling down sunburn and to calm prickly heat.

Get 100% Aloe Vera as it is more natural and works better on sensitive skins.

Comfortable light colour clothing

I pack for myself and my daughters comfortable summer clothing, natural fibres like silk, linen and cotton are comfortable and allow your skin to breath. Polyester, acrylic lycra, nylon and elastane instead keep the heat close to your skin and feel very uncomfortable.

I prefer light colours like white, beige and pastel – they do not absorb heat as dark colours.

We have used, not only for swimming but for any outdoor activities UV protection clothing, like t-shirts and shorts.

What is the UV protection for clothing?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which tells you the amount of ultraviolet rays penetrating the fabric. E.g. UPF 50 let 1/50 of the sun’s UV radiation reach your skin.

UV protection clothing is made of fabrics that are treated with protective ingredients that do not decrease during use and washing.

Water bottles and snack boxes

When it’s hot, you are not that hungry. Your body adjusts to the heat and hot weather better when you remember to sip water throughout the day – little and often.

For children I have bought their favourite water bottles – they seem to be more eager to drink when they have their own special bottle.

What should you eat when it is hot?

You should eat during daytime something light and fresh, rather cool than warm.

We usually accommodate fairly quickly to the weather in Spain. We eat a lot of fruits, smoothies and salad during the daytime. If someone feels a bit more hungry, we make (or buy) quesadillas or toasts, maybe slices of pizza (but not the whole thing).

TIP: I use a different kind of snack boxes to take fresh fruit & snacks to go (saves you quite a lot of money, if you don’t have to buy everything from a bar). I use quite often multi-compartment boxes, and when the girls were smaller, for small snacks & biscuits I used a special “no-spill-over” container (a greater chance NOT to have them all over e.g. in a car). 

Thermo bags are great in Spain too, to keep the snacks & drinks cool for a bit longer.

Checklist for packing
  • Sun protection lotions: UV 50 (spray or cream?)
  • Proper sunglasses
  • Sun hats for everyone
  • UV protected bathing suites for children
  • After sun lotion
  • Comfortable light colour clothing
  • Water bottles and snack boxes for children

2. How to plan your activities in order to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain?

Key to a successful vacation is to plan in advance a) what activities you would like to do and b) find out what is the best time to do it.

What is the best time for jogging?

Peter loves to jog, and he always wakes up early in the morning, and runs for half-an-hour, max an hour around 7-8am. The sun is not yet high up so it’s not too hot.

When is the best time to go sightseeing?

Whenever we plan to visit a tourist attraction, we always leave early in the morning, so that we could make the visit before noon and the hottest time of the day.

What is the ideal time to spend in the pool?

Lazy pool days are always a part of our vacation in Spain. The kids jump in and out of the pool, we stay in the shade & read a good book, or just enjoy watching the girls have fun. But the key is to go to the pool around 10 am and take a break around 1pm-4pm. (Note! This is the hardest part – to get the kids OUT of the pool).

A light lunch, siesta, and then back to the pool around 4 pm. Or sometimes we go to the pool in the morning, have a little lunch around 1-2pm and go shopping when the day is the hottest. After few hours in a shopping centre, you are again ready to jump into the pool again!

Before you make your hotel reservation or rent a house, REMEMBER to check that the room, apartment or house has air conditioning! A fan in the ceiling is NOT air conditioning – you can’t cool your room with that!

And a cool shower before going to bed makes you feel more comfortable, too!

Checklist for daily routines on vacation

  • schedule sports activities in the morning
  • visit tourist attractions early before noon or late in the evening
  • stay inside or in the shade between 1 pm – 5 pm
  • remember to drink water little & often
  • eat fresh, cool snacks & food during the daytime
  • cool shower before bedtime

3. Conclusion how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain

Use your common sense and you’ll do just fine. Remember to take breaks and let your skin cool down. Don’t stay in the sun too long at a time.

Best tips how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain

Do you have any tips for planning a vacation? What tips have you found useful – how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain?

Print your holiday checklist on how to avoid sunburn on vacation in Spain & book yourself the easiest holiday ever in Spain!

Print your holiday checklist!

4. Learn 5 words of Spanish

Buenos días (bway nos  dee ahs) – good morning
Buenas tardes (bway nahs tar days) – good afternoon
Buenas noches (bway nahs noh chayss) – good evening
Aqua – water
Frío – cool, cold

5. Did you know this funny fact?

You can enjoy the sun in Costa del Sol on average more than 320 days a year. According to the National Meteorological Agency, Costa del Sol is the sunniest place in Spain. Residents along the Costa del Sol enjoy about 2.905 hours of sun each year.

Due to mild winters & sea breezes, which keep the temperature down during the hot summer months, Málaga was named as the city with the best climate in Spain.


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