Best Way To Spend 2 Weeks In Spain – Sample Itinerary

Best Way To Spend 2 Weeks In Spain – Sample Itinerary

What would be the best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain? Preparing the travel itinerary for your holiday is not easy. Due to our numerous trips to Spain, we want to share our tips and help you by making a sample itinerary – the ultimately best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain.

So, we created a sample itinerary for you, probably and hopefully helping you to decide what would be the best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain. Even more, may your dream holiday come true! 😊

Why visit Spain? Spain has been a very popular holiday destination in Europe for a long time. And to be honest, no wonder. People in Northern Europe don’t have the warm weather all year round, consequently, the sun & the light attract people. But it’s not only the sun. The Spanish culture and atmosphere is intriguing and vibrant. Also worth mentioning is the food. Delicious. I wrote a separate article about it.

Due to the numerous UNESCO heritage sites, Spain offers also history and culture for the travellers. I read an article in New York Times, where Spain was featured on the list of 52 destinations for 2018 several times. Consequently that will definitely give a boost to the Spanish tourism on the international level, too.

When is the best time to visit Spain?

Well, the high season from June to August can be exhausting. Though we do not lie on sunbeds anywhere on anytime, I find the heat in Spain different, bearable. First of all, if you wish to avoid the heat, I’d go around March-May or September-November timeframe. Secondly, the winter time (Decmber-February) is sometimes a bit rainy. So, you should check the weather charts for more details.

What is the best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain?

Spain has a lot to offer: from beaches to wonderful restaurants, from history to art and culture. You definitely do not see everything Spain has to offer in two weeks. Hence, our sample itinerary points you to interesting cities & sights in Southern Spain.

But don’t worry – Spain will sweep you off your feet. Probably you will make a return visit at least once. Or yearly like us. 😉

Table of content

  1. Best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain
    1. Rent a car in Spain
    2. Travel by train?
  2. Sample itinerary – best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain
  3. Summary of the sample itinerary
  4. Learn 5 easy words of Spanish
  5. Did you know this interesting fact?

How to spend 2 weeks in Spain - sample itinerary

1. Best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain

In my opinion, if your holiday is fully booked – nothing but sightseeing day after day, you will be exhausted. Instead, you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

That is why I think it’s wise to have few lazy days in between busy days. And that is the cornerstone of our sample itinerary.

Which cities to visit in Spain? Anyhow, you can’t see everything in 2 weeks. Above all, you have to pick few of your favourite sites and concentrate on them.

If your family or travel companions have different interests than you, the harder the planning will be.

But I guess it’s all about making a trade-off: everyone should get to decide few things they absolutely want to see or experience.

Hence, that way everyone has a chance to influence and the holiday will reflect everyone’s interests (and that keeps everyone happy – less whining along the way 😉

First of all, I would suggest that you should “have your base camp” in the coastal line cities, and make day trips to the inland cities. That way the heat won’t exhaust you too much.

In addition, you should decide whether to rent a car or travel by train (or do the both).

We usually rent a car just for few days, to make the daily trips to inland. Travelling by train is easy, relaxing and cheap.

How do you get around in Spain?

Rent a car in Spain? Driving in Spain is not difficult. Though busy cities, of course, require concentration with common sense and flexibility, you will do just fine. GPS on your smartphone guides you easily from place to place. Therefore I recommend taking print screens and/or buy a map just in case if you lose the internet connection! Been there, seen that… 😉

Travel by train in Spain? If you plan to use the long-distance trains 4-10 times, therefore you should buy the Renfe Spain rail pass. That will save you some money. Renfe e-tickets include seat reservations and have fully electronic & easy issuing process.

In addition, you can use the commute travel trains 3 hours before & after your journey.

Train tickets have 3 different classes: turista (standard class), turista plus (more spacious seats) and preferente (first class with more spacious seats & catering served at your seat).

» Make your seat reservations at the station or in advance online. Enter your pass details and you can proceed and book trains easily. Also, remember to check that you’ll select the correct seating class!

How to spend 2 weeks in Spain - sample itinerary and public transportation

2. Sample itinerary – best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain

After spending several weeks in Spain on yearly basis, mainly on high season & summertime, I dare to say I can plan a vacation fairly well! We travel with our daughters – now 7 & 14 years old. But during our first trip to Spain, they were 10 months & 7 years old, so noteworthy I would say we have a lot of experience of taking into consideration different needs of our travel party.

We have had the baby phase, toddler phase, active children and a teenager combined with an athletic & history loving husband and a food, wine & culture loving mom. There’s a fairly interesting combo 😉

In addition, we have travelled to Spain with our friends, adults only and with couples. Furthermore “boys only or girls only” -trips, so as a result our travel planning skills have improved a lot along the years!

Our history of making travel plans is a good basis for guiding you by making this sample itinerary. If you have not yet set a holiday budget, check out also our post about how to save few pennies and how to make a budget for your holiday.

Day 1: Fly to Málaga

After the flight, get settled, relax and take a walk in the Málaga city centre. Sit down for some wine & tapas. If you have the energy – take a tour with a horse ride, or try the ferris wheel in the city harbour.

Whenever we go to a new destination, we always first walk around the city, just to get the first look & atmosphere of the place.

Where to stay in Málaga?

Day 2: Málaga

See the sights of Málaga. I would recommend walking through the old town, visiting the market hall and you should definitely pick one of your favourites whether it’s a museum, castle or a cathedral. Though we are not art critics 😉, we’ve visited the Pablo Picasso house and the museum. We found them facinating.

» Read more about our tips and favourite places in Málaga from here.

Day 3: Málaga

You can find several shopping centers in Málaga (too many for a teenager’s mom), therefore remember to take a break in between the shops and taste a glass of local wine and small snacks in a tapas bar! We usually start with the Larios shopping center and Vialia Shopping Center (Maria Zambrano Train Station), becuase they are in the city center, fairly close to each other.

In addition, if you wish to find clothes etc. with a good discount, you should visit the outlet called Factory Outlet Málagá near the airport. Take the bus (or the taxi), the train station is quite far from the mall (a 20-minute-walk).

Just outside of Málaga you can find another outlet called Plaza Mayor. You can easily get there by catching the train from Málaga to Fuengirola (the train leaves every 20 minutes and costs only 1,80€).

Our ultimate favourite in Palaza Mayor is the Nike store, where we usually buy sneakers for the entire family!

TIP: Every last Thursday of the month is a super sale day in the Nike store in Plaza Mayor – extra discounts from many products!

Day 4: Trip to Nerja

Take a bus or rent a car and drive to Nerja (it takes about an hour). It is a beautiful seaside town, definitely worthwhile to visit! After busy days in Málaga, Nerja is a place of piece & relaxation.

» Read more about our tips what to do in Nerja.

Day 5: Costa del Sol

Book a hotel or rent an apartment in Torremolinos or Fuengirola. Enjoy the beach life – take a walk by the beach, play beach volley, swim in the ocean… I love the beaches in Torremolinos. They seem to be neverending. And the amount of beautiful white rocks and shells we have collected from the beach… Several bags. BIG bags. 😉 So, you’ll end up having nice souvenirs to take back home.

Where to stay in Costa del Sol?

Day 6: Costa del Sol

If you enjoy a day (or an evening) in an amusement park – visit the Tivoli World in Bénalmadena. Get a discount & buy the tickets in advance! The park is not too big, and they have both kiddie rides as well as the wild ones.

In addition, you can enjoy the cable car, which takes you up the Mount Calamorro for a fantastic view – both at day or night time.

» Read more about our tips & experiences of Torremolinos and Fuengirola. They both have many interesting sights.

Day 7: Costa del Sol

Another lazy day by the pool or the beach. Enjoy the sun and the easy-going atmosphere! If you are looking for something sporty to do, why not try stand-up paddling or parasailing? Wonder along the beach front and taste different tapas.

Day 8: Cádiz

Leave the Costa del Sol behind and head to Cádiz by car or by train. Get settled in your hotel or rental apartment and start exploring! Cádiz is a wonderful seaside town. Take a walk in the city center to get a first glimpse of the city. Also I would recommend you to have dinner at a seafood restaurant!

Where to stay in Cádiz?

Day 9: Seville

It’s time for a day trip! The train from Cádiz to Seville takes about 1h 40min. Hence, if you go by car, it’s really not that much faster while it’ll take you about 1h20-30min to drive there.

This beautiful city is full of wonderful sights and things to do. Take the tram or walk around the city. I would recommend you to visit the Alcazar palace.

» Read more about our tips what to do in Seville.

Day 10: Cádiz

In my opinion, take a lazy day & relax! So, go to the beach, wander around the city streets …

» Read more about our tips what to do in Cádiz.

Day 11: Gibraltar

Rent a car & drive to Gibraltar! It takes you only about 1h 45min and you’ll get to experience a wonderful place.

Remember: Take your passports with you! Gibraltar belongs to the United Kingdom and you’ll need your passports to get into the area.

Take a tour on top of the rock. The minibuses leave next to the cable car stop and the guides drive you up the hill and make stops along the way.

The ticket for the tour is about 20-25€ per person. You’ll see the caves, the castle, sightseeing platforms and the famous wild monkeys.

Remember: You are not allowed to feed or touch the monkeys! The mothers can be aggressive if they have small babies. And leave all your bags and snacks etc. in the car.

Day 12: Córdoba and back to Málaga

So, it’s time to go back to Málaga. I would take the train (Cádiz-Sevilla-Córdoba) and make a stop in Córdoba. Since the train ride from Cádiz to Córdoba takes about 3 hours, therefore it’s better to leave early in the morning and arrive in Córdoba around noon.

What would you like to see in Córdoba?
» Read our tips what to do in Córdoba.

After some sightseeing around the city, take the train back to Málaga (1,5 hours). Get settled in your hotel/apartment and have a little dinner or snack in the city.

Day 13: Málaga

After a busy day of travelling from Cádiz to Málaga and sightseeing in Córdoba, take a lazy day by the beach or have a slow walk in the city. In addition, enjoy the atmosphere and have a wonderful dinner in your favourite restaurant.

Day 14: Fly back home

Depending on your flight schedule – have a good breakfast, walk around the city if you have time and finally: go to the airport on time!

3. Summary of the sample itinerary

I believe this would definitely be the best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain!

  • Days 1-4 in Málaga, including a day trip to Nerja (4 nights)
  • Days 5-7 in Costa del Sol (3 nights)
  • Days 8-11 in Cádiz (4 nights), including day trips to Seville & Gibraltar
  • Days 12-14 in Málaga (2 nights)

Map of Sample itinerary - best way to spend 2 weeks in Spain

Most of all I hope this sample itinerary helps you to plan your dream holiday in Southern Spain.

Print your sample itinerary (pdf) & book yourself a holiday in Spain!

Print your sample itinerary (pdf)!

4. Learn 5 easy words of Spanish

Hola (oh  lah) – hello, hi
¿Cómo está? (coh moh  es tah) – how are you?
Aeropuerto – airport
Tren – train
Pasaje – ticket (for travelling)

5. Did you know this interesting fact?

The Forbes has listed Nerja as one of the top travel destinations to rise in 2018. According to the article published on April 2nd, 2018 – “Nerja has nearly ten miles of beaches, perfect for water activities like diving, sailing and water skiing.”

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