Castles In Spain

Are the castles in Spain worth visiting? You might have been in dozens of castles and palaces all over Europe and wonder what is the difference in the Spanish ones and why bother?

Heck yeah, they are built of rock as well 😉

They say the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we definitely think that many of the most impressive and beautiful castles or fortresses in Europe are located in Spain.

So – the easy answer is YES.

Of course, you decide what to do on your next holiday in Spain, but castles are always intriguing and nice targets for day trips all year long.

And not just for those history geeks, but for the whole family or little kids (teens) as well.

We definitely think that many of the most beautiful castles and fortresses in Europe are located in Spain.Susan & Peter

Castles protected the coast and main cities

There are hundreds of castles all over Spain for the same purpose – like elsewhere in the world too.

Many of the most important Spanish castles and fortresses anyway were erected to protect the coastline (and the cities), especially in the Middle Ages from the Muslims attacking from the south.

But if you happen to be on holidays far from the coastline (Costa Del Sol), luckily there are many castles all over Spain just waiting for you to come over : )

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Here are our absolute favourite twelve (12) the most intriguing castles in Spain gathered in one handy guide and with reviews.

Check out and make your plans to visit them. We strongly recommend, they are really worth it : )

And one more thing. There is also one known creepy fact about an old castle near Barcelona that might interest you…

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