Costa Del Sol

You could claim that everyone has heard about the Costa Del Sol. If not all over the world, but in Europe at least. Hundreds of millions of tourists have been there during the past decades since the mass tourism exploded in the 60´s after World War II.

Hundreds of millions?

Yes. That´s a lot, but true.

About 80 million tourists visit Spain every year. Of course, not everyone goes to those Southern shores, but that makes quite many during few decades : )

Still fewer people know (of those who haven´t been there 😉 ) that it is located in Southern Spain and even fewer know the meaning of the name Costa Del Sol, literally saying “Sun Coast” or “Coast of the Sun”.

The meaning of the name Costa Del Sol is literally saying “Sun Coast” or “Coast of the Sun”.Susan & Peter

Why Costa Del Sol?

It´s not hard to guess the reason for the given name 😀

…because there are over 300 sunny days in a year in this coastal area.

With those numbers, we can consider the name is well deserved.

Anyway, Costa Del Sol is a region in Andalucia. The coastal area covers all the way from Gibraltar to Málaga and even continuing ahead of the coastline towards the northwest.

By the way, when speaking about Costa Del Sol – you often hear the other name: Andalucia. The free translation from Spanish is “Giving light”.

So, now you know that the sun coast is located exactly in a delightful area 😆

Torremolinos Beaches at Costa Del Sol - Spain

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