Top 10 Things To Do In Spain

Looking for something different to see and do on your holiday in Spain?

We know the feeling when you have been wondering the same streets few days or even years (if you visit the same place on holidays every year) and one day you just want to do and see something new.

You can start with these few mind-blowing ideas (things, festivals and places) if you really want to try something else.

Top 10 Things To Do In Spain

Pick at least one of these three alternatives (and find more in our article) for today or your next days before going back home after holidays.

Why? Just to ensure that you don´t find yourself thinking “what a boring been there & done that holiday” 😉

Here we go…

1. Walk like the king – if you only dare

Try the world´s scariest pathway (El Caminato Del Rey = The King´s Little Pathway) and your hiking skills at heights. You can find the way to test yourself in a small village of El Chorro near Malaga.

2. Join the unusual festival of near-death experience

Everyone has heard about the Spanish Bull Run in the city of Pamplona where every year few people lose their health or even life but have you ever thought that you could join into a festival called “La Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme” eg. the Festival of the Near-Death Experience?

It´s annual (Something to wait every year  😉 ) and takes place in a small town of Las Nieves in Galicia.

And guess what? Especially this area is known about the strong ties to all kind of witchcraft and paganism.

3. Visit the tomb of the man who discovered America

Well, you could tell that everybody knows who found the America 1492 on his way to India.


Can you tell where is the tomb of Christopher Columbus?

Well, you could tell that everybody knows who found the America 1492 on his way to India. But can you tell where Christopher Columbus is buried?Susan & Peter

Visit the Cathedral of Sevilla and then you know the answer to this “who wants to be a millionaire” type of question : )

If you happen to be in Spain right now (when reading this) and you´re ready to explore some of the new ideas above – just go for it.

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