Top 10 Things To Do In Torremolinos Spain Costa Del Sol (Ultimate Guide)

Top 10 Things To Do In Torremolinos Spain Costa Del Sol (Ultimate Guide)

Read Our Ultimate Guide (And Reviews) Of Torremolinos on Costa Del Sol

Planning a trip to Torremolinos in the sunny Costa Del Sol of Spain?

Looking for top 10 things to do and places to visit with friends and family?

If you´ve never been in Torremolinos (or your last visit was back then in the golden 1980s 😆 ) keep on reading the ultimate guide (+ reviews) we have gathered during the years spent in the region of Torremolinos and Málaga.

Best Tips Gathered For You During The Years Spent In Torremolinos

Our family has been spending holidays for many years in Torremolinos since 2011.

Back then before our first visit we didn´t have much time to search any specific information what to do and see with the kids and family.

…nor we had time to search for interesting things to do and places to go or maybe to avoid and learn about them before you go 😀

So, we really were a bit lost with the big picture (what to see and where to go) at the beginning of our first time over there.

We´re pretty sure you don´t want to feel the same.

And for that reason we hope that you will find several useful tips and reviews in this article and therefore get the best out of Torremolinos.

Did you know?

Torremolinos is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Costa del Sol and the entire Spain, and and world known for it´s marvellous beaches.

Read more to find out our best value tips for your trip to Torremolinos and why we ended up to share this article with you.

Table of content

  1. About Us (How Did We End Up To Share And Blog This Article About Torremolinos)
  2. Torremolinos In Few Words (History And Nowadays)
  3. Flying To Torremolinos (How To Get Easily From Airport To Town)
  4. The Town Centre (Where is Centre of Torremolinos)
  5. Beaches (Playa De Bajondillo, La Carihuela, Playamar And Los Alamos)
  6. Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife (Reviews About The Best Places To Go)
  7. Shopping In Torremolinos (The Best Places To Go Shopping)
  8. Top 10 Things To Do (Places To Visit) In Torremolinos
  9. The Weather And Climate (All The 4 Seasons)
  10. Did you know this creepy fact about Torremolinos?
  11. Extra: Learn 5 Easy Words Of Useful Spanish

We have gathered for you our best value tips in general likewise our best shots for restaurants, bars, places to visit and of course top 10 things to do in Torremolinos.Susan & Peter

1. About Us

How did we end up to share and blog our experiences about Spain?

At first might be good to tell you why we were inspired to start this blogging ( about Spain with my wife Susan.

Well, shortly the answer is by accident (or faith 😆 ).

More precisely it´s because one thing led to an other after our whole family with our two daughters (aged 7 and 14) fell in love or at least were attracted (but not at first sight 😉 ) to Spain and Torremolinos few years ago in 2011.

Why on earth to Torremolinos?

Well, as you know in life – sometimes you just happen to chat with someone you know more or less by accident and that´s what happened to us too when our friends offered us a cheap apartment they owned to rent for 2 weeks in the heart of Torremolinos.

After “closing the deal with our friends 😀 ” we were also able to get cheap flights for the whole family on a reasonable price, less than 1000 GBP in total.

(Eager to find cheap flights and apartments in Torremolinos? Try this: Book cheap flights to Málaga and find a perfect apartment or hotel in Costa del sol.)

A Boat On The Carihuela Beach In Torremolinos

Our First Time In Torremolinos?

To be honest, we did not have any special expectations, when we first time hit the ground at the airport of Málaga (only 15 min drive from Torremolinos).

By that time we just wanted to relax at the sunny beaches enjoying the endless sunshine and feel the smooth wind of Mediterranean Sea on our faces.

As mentioned above, we can´t say it was love at the first sight.

…and before our first vacation we had heard many stories blaming Torremolinos for being one of those places in Costa Del Sol you want to avoid if you wish to have a peaceful holiday far away from the crowded restaurants, beaches and streets.

But because we were not scared of noisy tourists and holiday life in general we could ignore those nasty opinions : )

Our first impression?

Definitely good. Very Goooood.

We immediately liked the place. And actually one of the very first things I personally remember about Torremolinos was the spectacular view from our apartment’s balcony over the coastline.

You know what I mean when describing the iconic Spanish view of the the calm green ocean added with mountains, beach and sun? Wow!

We Really Have Been Enjoying About The Atmosphere Of Torremolinos

Since 2011 we have spent a lot of time in the very heart of Southern Spain. Many weeks (or months) during the years enjoying the sun, the beaches and the cool Spanish way of life.

…and even only after spending few days there on our first visit, I can say that we just could not resist the certain “atmospere of Torremolinos” and the whole region.

When blogging about Spain, one could say that we´re still on that first journey and love to share our information about the Costa Del Sol and Spain in general with You.

Hope you continue reading and find this and our other articles useful when planning your holidays : )

Picture by Peter: Check Out The View To Playa De Bajondillo Beach At Sun Rise

The sunrise in El Bajondillo beach - Torremolinos - Spain

Since 2011 we have spent many weeks each year at the very heart of Southern Spain enjoying the sun, the beaches and the cool Spanish way of life.Susan & Peter

2. Torremolinos In Few Words (History And Nowadays)

The name of this earlier known as a poor and small fishing town (before the rise of tourism after WW II) next to Málaga can be freely translated to “Tower Mills”. It is situated only about 7 kilometers from the city of Málaga and its international airport.

Torremolinos was one of the very first resorts and areas to be devolved in Costa Del Sol since the first construction cranes were erected in the 1950s.

With an official population less than 70 000 inhabitants (Wikipedia says: In 2013 – 69,389 inhabitants) it is the 6th largest city in the province. In high season summer times the population multiplies and it is very popular among British, Irish and also Scandinavian tourists.

3. Flying To Torremolinos (How To Get Easily From Airport To Town)

The Málaga-Costa del Sol airport (AGP) is serving every year over 16 million passengers and according to Málaga Airport´s official website only 4 other airports in Spain had over 10 million passengers in 2016.

Flying to Torremolinos? It means that you actually have to fly first to Málaga´s international airport and there you can take a pick from various transport possibilities how to get to your final holiday destination in Torremolinos.

Rent a car, go by train or ride with bus

You can easily rent a car from the airport and there are several companies offering car rentals or maybe you have planned to have a “car free holidays” (like we have almost every time 😎 ) and want to use the local train which can very easily be jumped in at the airport.

We really prefer the train, because it has reasonable prices (Adult only about 2 euros/one way ticket, children under 7 years travel for free) and they also sell all kind of discount tickets for example 10 times or one month for different zones (check their official website) in the ticket machines.

And who would not want to sit down after a long flight for a few minutes (only about 10 mins) before you arrive to Torremolinos by train.Susan & Peter

Why we like the train?

Because it´s so easy and who would not want to sit down and lean back (of course you can sit also in taxi and bus) after a long flight for a few minutes (only about 10 mins) before you arrive to the underground railway station of Torremolinos in the very heart of the town.

Relying on rubber wheels?

If you´re reaching out Torremolinos by your rental car, the easiest way is to drive by A-7 Motorway which takes you there in only few minutes.

For those who like to jump into a bus, there are also multiple bus lines serving the tourists. Check out routes and timetables over here .

Prefer to take a taxi?

For taxi lovers there is of course 24/7 hours a day possibility to take a taxi. Only problem is that most of the local taxi vehicles are ideal for 3-4 persons added with their 3 big suitcases.

If you have lots of stuff to carry, you might need to wait for a bit longer for a bigger car.

4. The Town Centre

The town center of Torremolinos has a happy atmosphere with bars, restaurants and boutiques as well as many parks and playgrounds for kids.

In addition you can walk on those traditional narrow streets between old time white chalk houses and enjoy the life around you.

Where is the town centre of Torremolinos?

Center of Torremolinos? In our opinion the easy answer is the market place called Plaza De La Nogalera, which lies above the underground railway station in the middle of the old town.

In few words it´s middle of everything and for example it is only few minutes walk from the stairs that lead you to the beach of Playa De Bajondillo.

This plaza is the place where we have used to head on our evening walks, because there are always lots of things happening.

For example the book fares in July, live music and all kind of performances and stuff like that around the summer.

Every once in a while there are also nice music and dance shows (every week at evening times) at the big stage situated right next to the stairs that lead you to underground railways.

This plaza is the place where we have used to head on our evening walks, because there are always lots of things happening.Susan & Peter

The Beaches of Torremolinos Spain in Costa Del Sol

5. Beaches (Playa De Bajondillo, La Carihuela, Playamar And Los Alamos)

Torremolinos and the seaside resort is known all over the world of it´s many marvellous long and clean beaches and beach promenades.

What is the best of the four beaches in Torremolinos?

Our absolute favorite is Playa El Bajondillo, which is over 1 km long urban beach and it´s marvellous promenade is filled with life, restaurants and bars added with a happy atmosphere.

…but it of course depends on what are you up to do?

If you´re heading to sunbeds or swimming, we would suggest Playa El Bajondillo or La Carihuela.

Playa De Bajondillo

Playa El Bajondillo and the promenade is full of life and people all day long. If you going for a walk or to take a swim and you would like to stay out of the sun every once in a while – this is the beach for you because there are several nice “palm tree oases” along the beach that give shadow at daytime from the burning hot sun.

That is why we usually prefer El Bajondillo, because we don´t like to stay in the sun all the time and want to avoid sun burns. It is also nice to relax in the shadows for a moment after taking a bath in the sea.

How to get easily from town to the beach?

There are few easy options. For those who are disabled or like to use a shortcut there is an public elevator located (price is 50 cents per person) at the Plaza del Panorama (Calle de las Mercedes) which is only about 400 meters from the town center.

If you rather take the stairs, there are two alternatives. One is the famous Cuesta del Tajo (with steep slope) which is like a narrow alley with many souvenir shops and restaurants. The other one is Camino de la Playa which takes you closer to Punta de Torremolinos and La Carihuela beach.


You can find also easily common showers and toilets. In high season (summertime) there are also lifeguards keeping eye on the swimmers and people having water sports.

For families there is a children’s playground with climbing towers and swings. In addition there is a nice little “amusement park” with all kind of games, mini-golf and other activities to be paid with just few coins for the whole family.

After having fun or just hanging around at the beach promenade you can easily enter to all kind of bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes if you happen to be thirsty or hungry : )

Our tip: If you like to stay out of the sun for a moment or two, the multiple shady palm tree oases at the El Bajondillo are for you

If you like to stay out of the sun for a moment or two, the multiple shady palm tree oases at the El Bajondillo are for you.Susan & Peter

Playa De La Carihuela

Excuse us, is this the Carihuela beach?

That is the question a friendly couple asked me once, when I was jogging there on one early morning.

Yes it is, I said and pointed out the nearby big rock facade (Punta de Torremolinos) and told them that on the west side of this famous landmark lies La Carihuela and east side El Bajondillo.

La Carihuela is the biggest of the four different beaches in Torremolinos and its speciality is the dark coloured sand.

How to get easily from town to the beach?

If you are heading there by foot, the beach is only 10 minutes walk away from the town center. Just follow first the beach signs in the center which lead you to the El Bajondillo beach and then follow the coastline to the west right next to the promenade.

At the very first sight to the west you can recognize the rocky point (Punta de Torremolinos) separating these two beaches of El Bajondillo and La Carihuela.


La Carihuela is a built-in tight area where the promenade and restaurants are closer to sea (only about 50 meters) and there is no driveway dividing it same way like in El Bajondillo beach.

There are all kind of sport bars, cafes and restaurants for every customer, but especially if you like fish restaurants (we love them : )) – La Carihuela is for you.

Naturaly there are plenty of different services like sun bed and water sport rentals (for example diving and sailing courses) and of course public toilets and showers.

For the little ones there are also nice play areas and all kind of activities. And if you are just walking around the beach, one nice walking destination for the whole family is the always excited Puerto Marina (port of Benalmádena) which you can easily see and find at the most western point of La Carihuela.

Our tip: Looking for a good fish restaurant? La Carihuela is for you : )


Playamar is the beach for all kind of water sports lovers, who want to stay in the water all the day enjoying about the numerous sport possibilities with fare prices.

If you are going there first time, do not be confused if you hear someone saying Playa El Retiro, because it´s the other name they use of this nice 1,5 km long beach located between El Bajondillo and Los Alamos.

How to get easily from town to the beach?

The easiest way is to go there on foot by the same ways like to El Bajondillo and then just follow the beach side promenade towards Málaga. Playamar Beach is only about 15 minutes walk from town.


Playamar offers same kind of public showers and toilets like El Bajondillo. Also there are numerous choices for everyone to pick a pleasant cafe or restaurant and enjoy about beach life while ordering few cold drinks and tasting local delicious tapas.

Our tip: This beach is a good place to rent and try kayaking. Go and try it : )

Playa De Los Alamos

Los Alamos or El Cañuelo is the closest beach to Málaga and therefore the furthest beach away from Torremolinos centre.

Because of its location it is quite popular with the local people who are coming especially from Málaga. It is also known for the most peaceful beach in Torremolinos of the four options with less tourists and hassle.

Here you can see less people, but more airplanes (and some noise too!) coming and going all the time, because it is right away on the border of Málaga and Torremolinos where the international airport takes place.

How to get there from town?

Just follow the coast line towards Málaga (eg. east) from Playmar beach and there you are.


There are all the basic services with showers, toilets, restaurants and all that stuff you can find at almost on every beach, but in addition there is something more the other beaches cannot offer.

What´s that?

The best nightlife of Torremolinos 😉

If you are a party dude and want to have fun from sunset to sunrise – this the area for you. You must check out at least these three nightlife bars and their famous beach clubs: Café del Sol, Kokun and Maracas.

Our tip: Want to catch the last rays of the sun everyday on the beach? Los Alamos is the answer for you.

Restaurants, bars and nightlife in Torremolinos - Spain

6. Restaurants, Bars And Nightlife

Torremolinos has something for everyone when speaking of restaurants, bars and nightlife. The oldest restaurants still standing were established already in 40´s, long time before the first big tourist groups arrived to shores of Torremolinos.

In general Torremolinos has always been world known for its bars, nightlife and parties lasting all night long.

Torremolinos has always been world known for its bars, nightlife and parties lasting all night long.Peter & Susan

Restaurants & bars

There are so many good choices to go and delicious tastes to try, but here are our five (5) favorite alternatives when your stomach is growling or you´re on a mood for some local tapas and few cold drinks.

1. Le Pizze & Le paste d’ Italia

Excellent food, reasonable prices, really good service and genuine Italian owners loving their work. Extra bonus for this restaurant is the peaceful and nice central location on a plaza and only 2 minutes walk from railway station.

Food: Real and tasty Italian pizza and pasta
Prices: Approximately from 5-12 euros
Opening hours: On summertime daily from 13.00 until midnight
Location: Plaza de San Miguel 5, 29620 Torremolinos

2. Sabores Bistro

Nice atmosphere, delicious food and central location only 3 minutes walk from railway station. Good service, but even better selection of different Scandinavian food – something for everyone.

Food: Scandinavian
Prices: Approximately from 8-25 euros
Opening hours: Six days a week (closed on Tuesdays) from 17.00-02.00
Location: Calle Casablanca 20, 29620 Torremolinos

3. El Gato Lounge

This is the place when you want to take a brake from sunbeds and swimming or maybe you just want to relax for a moment enjoying their superior service and delicious tapas and menu.

Some places just have the certain atmosphere which make you come back. El Gato Lounge is one of those. In Addition the location is ideal at point where El Bajondillo beach turns into La Carihuela.

Food: Modern european kitchen
Prices: Daily menu 9.90 euros
Opening hours: Everyday 12.00-22.30
Location: Paseo Maritimo 1, 29620 Torremolinos

4. Casero

One of our favourites, because of the sooooo delicious Spanish food made with love by the owners. Ideal location and atmosphere in the historical Pueblo Blanco (The White Village) near railway station.

Food: Spanish kitchen, local food
Prices: 2-15 euros
Opening hours: Six days a week (closed on Tuesdays) from 19.00-23.30
Location: Calle Skal 4 / Pueblo Blanco, 29620 Torremolinos

5. 4 Cuartos

This a must go restaurant even if stay in town only for few days. Their tasty portions of local Spanish and Mediterranean food steal your heart at first bite.

Food: Spanish kitchen, local Mediterranean food
Prices: 5-10 euros
Opening hours: normally from 19.30-23.00 (check their website)
Location: Calle Casablanca 27, 29620 Torremolinos

Nightlife – where to go after sunset?

Torremolinos was one of first places of the post war tourist boom of the 60-ties and 70-ties and it is still world known for its liberal party culture. The top dancing and cocktail bars as well as restaurants have changed names, places and locations during the decades.

Nowadays many people say the best bars where the parties take place are definitely nearby the Playamar and Los Alamos beach areas.

If your dance pole flies and you´re seeking for a crazy party that will not end before the next sunrise, you can head your way to Playamar and Los Alamos.

Best bars in Torremolinos?

It´s hard to put them in order…

…but this is our own list about bars we think you should try at least once if looking for a new place to go for a drink or two.

1. Chamber of Secrets

Join us for an incredible all-inclusive night of lager, sangria, soft drinks and mind blowing entertainment in our custom built intimate theater. There’s something for everyone, incredible illusions, wonderful comedy, and the melodious singing; it will be a night that you won’t soon forget!

That´s what they promise on their website and we can tell you that is an underestimated description. Definitely worth of visiting at least once on your vacation 😀

Location: Avenida Carlota Alessandri 136-140, 29620 Torremolinos
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 17.30-23.00 (closed on Wednesdays and Sundays)

2. New Tina´s Bar

This is a must go bar in Torremolinos. Whenever we have visited this bar – we have had great time. If you´re looking for great music and cool drinks served by friendly staff with a reasonable price – this is a place for you to stop by for few drinks.

We could almost guarantee that your first time wont´t be the last 😆

Location: Calle Dona Maria Barrabino 4, 29620 Torremolinos
Opening hours: Every day from 20-04

3. Colours Irish Bar

What is a vacation without visiting a proper Irish bar?

It’s nothing 😛

This is definitely the best Irish bar in Torremolinos, because of the genuine fun atmosphere with great staff. Don´t forget to enjoy their tasty snacks with drinks. Yummy!

Location: Plaza De Andalucia | Torremolinos, 29620
Opening hours: open daily

Torremolinos was one of first places of the post war tourist boom of the 60-ties and 70-ties and it is still world known of its open party culture.Susan & Peter

Family Shopping in Torremolinos

7. Shopping in Torremolinos

Eager for shopping? Torremolinos has a good variety of all kind of shops and small boutiques to buy your daily products, souvenirs or anything you need.

What ever it is – all you have to do is choose between tiny shops, grocery stores or a huge mall where you can buy anything from traditional Spanish leather products to clothing or electronics.

What is the best place in Torremolinos for shopping?

…it´s up to you what you´re looking for on that specific moment, but here are our five (5) favourite places where we always head over when it´s shopping time.

1. Calle San Miguel

The main street of Torremolinos is the few hundred meters long vital vain in the heart of the town and located right next to Plaza de Nogalera and the railway station.

The Calle San Miguel is a street only for pedestrians and it is full of life and people from morning hours to late night.

There are dozens of restaurants and all kind of shops to stop buy and satisfy your shopping hunger until the next time 😆

Our tip: The prices are maybe the most expensive over here, so remember to compare before you buy : )

2. Calle Cuesta Del Tajo

This is very unique piece of Torremolinos. This is actually a few hundred meters long narrow street (staircase) leading from the watch tower (Torre de Pimentel) and the end of Calle San Miguel to the beach (El Bajondillo) promenade.

You can find all kind of stuff over here from shoes to jewelry. This is also our favourite place if we are looking for small handicraft products or some other local Spanish souvenirs, which still find their way and space in your fully packed suitcase 😛

Our tip: Often they sell the exactly same product at the shop next door with lower price. Don´t forget to compare and bargain the prices

3. El Bajondillo Beach Promenade

It´s natural to continue your shopping tour after Calle San Miguel and Calle Del Tajo to the beach promenade of Playa de Bajondillo, because this is the place where you finally end up after 15 minutes of walk.

If you didn´t find what you were looking for on those traditional two shopping streets of Torremolinos, try your luck over here and make a good bargain on the numerous little shops next to the beach.

Our tip: Don´t forget to bargain over here 😎

4. Carrefour

Carrefour is a commercial centre only 10 minutes taxi drive from the centre of Torremolinos. It is like a little mall where you can find the big grocery store (Carrefour) and in addition also all kind of shops from clothing, electronics and even a pet store.

If you are not staying in an all inclusive hotel, this definitely worth visiting and to make all your food and daily products shopping in a fare price.

Our tip: Be careful not to crush too much into the puppies and other fluffy creatures they sell on your way to Carrefour entrance : )

5. Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre

Now we are getting to the point and talking about the real shopping heaven in the whole Torremolinos and Málaga region.

Plaza Mayor Shopping Center & Leisure Park is located near the international airport of Málaga and can be easily reached out by your own car or bus, but our favourite way is to arrive the always easy, cheap and comfortable train.

The shops, restaurants and supermarkets are generally open daily from 10-22t. Here you can find lot´s of fashion (Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, H&M), sports clothing (Nike), electronics and anything you need.

Shopping consumes energy, but luckily there are loads of all kind of restaurants and cafes to take break and gather strength for next round 😀

And you can also relax and spend some time with your friends or family in cinema, bowling center or in the many other numerous amusements and activities.

Our tip: If we would have to pick one place to do our shopping in Torremolinos are – it would definitely be Plaza Mayor.

Forgot to buy local Spanish souvenirs from Torremolinos?

Blaah! We know the feeling when your´re planning to buy something, then postponing it for tomorrow and suddenly on your way back home you remember it again(!) – but too late.

We have to admit, that few times we have bought the souvenirs online after the holidays. 🙄

Check what Spain and Torremolinos related best seller goods and books they offer in

Alhambra - Granada - Spain

8. Top 10 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Torremolinos Region (Andalucia)

Hope that you have got many good ideas already (when reading this article) where to go and what to do in Torremolinos.

Each one of our favourite places – and top things to do – could deserve its own article, but mean while looking for that : ) you can check few of our absolute favourite ones.

Our favourite places to visit in Torremolinos region

In our opinion all these places are as good and suitable for families, youngsters, teens, couples or lonely riders : ) to go, see and experience.

1. Parque La Batería

The Parque La Bateria (freely translated: The Battery/Artillery Park) is a huge green and public park (opened in 2007) in Torremolinos covering nearly 75,000 m2.

This is a really nice and must-see green paradise with free entrance, but it has in our opinion more things to see and do than many other parks with admission fees.

It´s not a surprise that there are annually over 500,000 visitors enjoying about little lake in the middle of the park (swimming forbidden) the running and cycling paths, children´s playground and the most variant collection of all kind of plants and trees.

And in addition, you can climb to its tower (former look out tower during the Moorish rule in Spain) to admire the marvellous view to whole Costa del Sol.

  • Location: Av. del Carmelo, s/n, 29620 Torremolinos
  • Open: daily from 10-20
  • Payment: Free of charge
  • Our tip: You can arrive easily by train and it´s only about 500 metres walk from the nearest train stop called Montemar Alto

2. Agualand Torremolinos

Water fun is the best fun – especially for the whole family : )

This land of joy and wet happy faces is always (or even every day) a good choice to spend your time. Agualand is the biggest water park in Costa Del Sol with lots of slides (over 30) and a pool (Surf Beach) with a waves machine.

Do you have guts enough to conquer the highest slide in Europe? Test your nerves in a slider called Kamikaze and feel the speed.

I did and that was certainly worth its name : )

  • Location: Calle Cuba 10, 29620 Torremolinos
  • Open: daily from 11-18 (May, June, September and October) and on the high season from 11 to 19 (July and August)
  • Payment: Adult 28 €, child 5-10 years 19 €
  • Our tip: You can save time and money by purchasing the tickets online before you go

3. Crocodile Park

Are you ready to face one of the biggest crocodiles in Europe?

Crocodile Park is a nice “what to do and see today” target for the whole family in Torremolinos. It takes about 2 hours to see the whole park and they offer guided tours three times a day.

Ever thought to take a croc on your shoulder?

There is a petting area where all the visitors can take a baby crocodile on their arms – if they dare 😀

  • Location: Calle Cuba 14, 29620 Torremolinos
  • Open: daily from 11-17 (January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December) and on the the high season from 11-18 (July, August)
  • Payment: Adult 16 €, child 5-10 years 12 €
  • Our tip: You can save time and money by purchasing the tickets online before you go.

4. Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium is only about 10 minutes drive from Torremolinos located in Bénalmadena and right next to the the western end of the La Carihuela beach.

It´s an underwater park – a window to the world of oceanic species like sharks, starfish and turtles. This is an always fascinating place where we come again year after year – despite children getting older and us parents too 😉

  • Location: Puerto deportivo, s/n, 29630 Bénalmadena Costa, Málaga, Spain
  • Open: Open daily from Monday to Sunday from 10.00- 20.00 (Closed on Christmas day)
  • Payment: Adult and kids over 10 years 16 €, children 3-9 years 13 €
  • Our tip: You can save money by purchasing the tickets online before you go.

5. Pueblo Blanco

Pueblo Blanco (The White Village) is a must visit place in the very heart of Torremolinos and only 3 minutes walk from train station. We have liked the place since we first time entered the narrow charming alleys in 2011.

While there are white chalk houses all over the Torremolinos, but there is no other place where you can still feel the certain nightlife atmosphere of the past crazy decades.

Nowadays the buzz has calmed down a bit after the crazy 70´s and 80´s, but there are still loads of bars and restaurants offering tasty food with good service and the unique environment.

This place makes you happy and feeling alive – no matter if go there night or day. You haven´t been in Torremolinos if you haven´t been in Pueblo Blanco.

Ugh! 😎

Location: Calle Casablanca, Torremolinos

6. The Beaches

The four different and beautiful beaches of Torremolinos are always a great place to enjoy the sea, sun and people around you. Read our opinions, reviews and tips over here.

7. Butterfly Park

Do you like butterflies?

Well, anyway after visiting this nice little piece of the green jungle you might be at least fascinated by them. There are over 1500 different and exotic butterflies from all the corners of earth flying freely between flowers and tropical trees. And they really are not all the regular size, you will see also butterflies size of a small football.

Whether you´re child or adult – the wonders of nature are always interesting and in Butterfly Park you can observe how they are born and transformed into those beautiful flying insects.

This is definitely worth visiting and the whole tour in the park takes only about an hour.

The park is located only about 20 minutes drive from Torremolinos, but it´s high on the mountain (with a spectacular view) so car drive is needed to take your way over there.

  • Location: Autovía del Mediterraneo A7, Salida 217. C/ Muérdago, s/n. (Junto al templo Budista) El Retamar/Benalmádena/29639 Málaga
  • Open: Every day from 10.00-19.30
  • Payment: Adult 10 €, children 2-12 years 8,50 €
  • Our tip: If you don´t have an own car, take the train to Benalmádena-Arroyo de la Miel station. and from there take a taxi (it´s only about 10 euros one way) to the park which is located high on the mountains

There are over 1500 different and exotic butterflies from all the corners of earth flying freely between flowers and tropical trees.Susan & Peter

8. Tivoli World

What would be the best place to spend time together with family after beach and sunbeds?

The Tivoli World!

Tivoli World is a really nice amusement park full of attractions located in Benalmádena only 20 minutes drive from Torremolinos.

This is the place where the whole family can enjoy all kind of dance and live shows, magicians and all those artists who will blow your mind over and over again : )

We have been there multiple times during the years and this always a place which brings the smile on everyone’s face.

Location: Avenida Tivoli s/n | Tivoli, 29631, Benalmádena
Open: From Wednesday to Sunday 17.00-24.00
Payment: General entrance fee 7.95 €, children under 1 metre and seniors over 65 years for free
Our tip: Single tickets for attractions are quite expensive (3 €), but we advise you to buy the Supertivolino special pass for only 14.95 €. It allows unlimited use of the attractions included in its offer (35 superfun attractions)

9. Cable Car Benalmádena

Fear of heights? This cable car is not a bad one 😀

Hop into those cabins right next to the Tivoli World in Benalmádena and you will see the fantastic views to whole Costa Del Sol from the peak of mountain Calamorro. The ride is about 2700 meters long and takes about 15 minutes one way.

On really clear days (like we luckily had) you can see the whole Málaga coastline, but also all the way to Gibraltar and the African coast (!).

In addition to the spectacular views (771 metres above the sea level), there are also multiple hiking routes and spectacular bird demonstration (eagles, owls) every day in the peak’s arena.

Location: Explanada del Tívoli, s/n. 29630 Benalmádena (Málaga)
Open: Summertime daily from 11-19
Payment: Adult 14.90 €, children 11.00 €
Our tip: Save money by purchasing tickets online in advance

On really clear days you can see the whole Málaga coastline, but also all the way to Gibraltar and the African coast (!)Susan & Peter

10. Alhambra

Have you always wanted to visit on those glorious and mysterious palaces and castles you can see in the movies?

Alhambra is absolutely then for you 😀

The Alhambra is a palace and fortification located in Granada (Andalusia, Spain) and only about 2 hours drive from Torremolinos. The Alhambra name comes from an Arabic root (as many modern Spanish words) and it means “red castle”.

From this very same palace, the famous Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel ruled Spain in 1490´s and sent one man called Christopher Columbus to find his way to India.

I have always loved all kind of old castles and it was fascinating to visit in this palace which is also a film scene in the movie called Assassin´s Creed and the popular TV series Game of Thrones.

This is definitely one of those places in Spain that are worthy of visiting and exploring for many times 😀

Location: Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain
Open: From 9-18 (Sundays 9-13.30). Closed: Mondays, 25th of December and January 1st.
Payment: Adult 14 €, children under 12 years for free
Our tip: The rush hours are about noontime, so it´s worth to wake up early and arrive at 9 o´clock

Top 10 Things To Do In Torremolinos - Print List

9. The Weather And Climate (All The 4 Seasons)

What kind of weather to expect in Torremolinos?

Torremolinos has a mild climate throughout the whole year because the summers are not too hot due to cooling sea (usually around 24-30° C) and the wintertime temperatures are also bearable between 11 and 18° C.

Spring (March-May)

Springtime weather is quite moderate, due to humidity and temperatures usually between 19-28° C. There is an average of only 3 rainy days per month.

It´s quite popular time to visit in Torremolinos for those who don´t like the hottest summer days.

Summer (June-August)

The summertime and the high season in Torremolinos has a very nice weather if you like sunshine 😎

In June the day time temperatures are about 24-27 ° C (Night 17 ° C), in hottest summer months of July and August 27-30° C (Night 20° C).

Rain expectation? In June only 1 day and in July and August 0 days.

So you don´t likely get wet outside the pool or sea. During the summers and weeks spent in Torremolinos (in June and July), I personally remember only a few cloudy days and rain only once or twice 😀

During the summers and weeks spent in Torremolinos (in June and July), I personally remember only a few cloudy days and rain only once or twice 😀Peter

Fall (September-November)

September is more or less a summer month, at least the beginning of it and daily temperatures are still about 28° C (Night 18°). Like the June there is an expectation of 1 rainy day.

Later at fall time the day time temperatures (October: 23°/14°, November: 19°/10°) are getting chiller and chiller. You can expect even 5 rainy days monthly in this season.

Winter (December-February)

The winter of Torremolinos? Weather is far too rainy and cold from December to February if you would like to spend a week or two in warm and sun.

The average of the highest temperatures is between 16-17° C during this season. The nights are usually about 7-8° C. Like the fall, you can expect even 5 rainy days monthly in winter season.

The best time to travel to Torremolinos according to the weather conditions?

… it depends whether you like the hot or not 😉

But for those who travel because of the sun and warm the late May and early September are quite good alternatives to enjoy the nice weather with cheaper flight and hotel prices.

Did you already read our article about how to plan a trip to Spain on a budget?

10. Did You Know This Creepy Fact About Torremolinos?

During the Spanish Civil war, there was a concentration camp in Torremolinos, built by the General Franco’s Nationalist forces.

In 1939 there were over 4000 Nationalist prisoners in an open-air camp which was located quite near the Aquapark and next to the public school of Palma de Mallorca.

11. Extra: Learn 5 Easy Words Of Useful Spanish

I personally started to study Spanish after our first visit in 2011. It ´s always good to learn some easy Spanish before you go 😀

Do you speak English? = Habla inglés? (ahblah een glays)

Please – Por favor (por fah vohr)

Thank you – Gracias (grah cee ahs)

Good morning = Buenos días (bway nos dee ahs)

Good evening = Buenas noches (bway nahs noh chayss)

Open and print here your list of top 10 things to do in Torremolinos before you book your dream come true holiday in Spain! 😉

Open here  • Top 10 Things To Do • in PDF-file

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