Very Very Cheap Holidays To Spain?

Looking for a very very cheap holidays to Spain? What comes to holiday prices and budgets, they say that only free is better than cheap 😀

A bad joke? Agree. No more that stuff.

Okay – let´s get to the point. Something came like a lightning from a blue sky and ruined your travel budget?

Outs! We know the feeling. That hurts. Every time.

What really are the most important things on your holidays?

So, if you´re looking for a very very cheap holiday to Spain the first thing really is to stop for a moment and think.

About what?

The extra money cost that ruined your dream vacation budget?

No. You just need to forget that and go straight forward.

Yes. Easy to say, but let us help.

Okay. You just need to take a deeeeeep breath and lean back in your chair and think what really is the most important thing in your holidays.

What do you appreciate the most in the end?

Is it the everyday restaurant visits you have used to go twice a day? With totally costing for sure more than 100 euros each day, right?

Or is it shopping or something else?

No matter what it is, you just need to calm down for a moment and analyze if you this time could spare some extra costs and skip few expensive things.

Those things you have done already many times on your earlier vacations. In our opinion – if you just skip those things, it really does not mean that your next holiday will be a disaster. It can actually be the total opposite when you are forced to change the point of view and things you do on your holidays to spare the money.

Very very cheap holiday to Spain

Usually the free little things are the best

After a little analysis, we think you can hopefully see the light, think positively and will be able to book your holiday at a reasonable price.

After all, we think that often the free little things like walking around on the beach and enjoying the sun are the best little things on holidays.

And the best thing is, they are totally free.

After all we think that often the free little things like walking around on the beach and enjoying the sun are the best little things. And they are totally free.Susan & Peter

How to plan a trip to Spain on a budget?

It just takes you a few minutes now and all you have to do is a make an easy budget plan and we are sure you will manage great.

Like said, we have had the same problem and therefore we gathered few tricks and hacks for you how to plan a trip to Spain on a budget.

In few words, just go forward and enjoy your next holidays. Maybe not that expensive one than the earlier vacations you made 😉

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